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Re: Nouveau plug-in : JW Lua (Beta)

Posté : 2 mai 2015 à 23:49
par michelp
Mise à jour en version Beta 0.38 (seulement pour Windows).

"JW Lua beta v0.38 is now availbale. This is an update ONLY for Windows. It fixes the following issues that were introduced in beta 0.37:

* Chinese text in popups and data list headers.

* Some data classes (such as FCCustomSmartLineDef) failed to load.

Download link: ... ta-version

Best regards,

Jari Williamsson"

Re: Nouveau plug-in : JW Lua (Beta)

Posté : 9 juillet 2015 à 23:10
par michelp
Mise à jour en version Beta 0.39.

"JW Lua beta version 0.39 is now available for download. Things fixed/changed/added in this version:

* The Class Browser now includes an extra free-text filter field for custom filtering.

* Fixed a bug where FCTextExpressionDef::IsPlaybackTempo() returned random results.


* finale.FCRawText is no longer syntax highlighted in the editor

* FCChord.AlternateBassAlteration property added

* FCExpression.PlaybackStart property added (including 3 constants)

* FCTextExpressionDef.PlaybackPass property added

* FCTextExpressionDef:IsSmartMusicMarker() added

* FCStaff.NoKeySigShowAccidentals property added, for the Finale 2014 setting in the Score Manager.

* Added the following staff attributes properties to FCStaff: AllowHiding (Fin2011+), BreakBarlines, BreakRepeatBarlines, DisplayEmptyRests, FlatBeams, RedisplayOtherLayerAccidentals (Fin2014+)

* Fixed bug with the FCMeasureNumberRegion alignment setters

* FCCategoryDef now has constants for Finale’s predefined catetegories

* FCGroup now has group style constants

* FCGroup.BracketID has been renamed to FCGroup.BracketStyle

* Added FCStrings:LoadSystemFontNames(), which loads all the font names available on the system.

* FCInstrumentDef:CreateNameString() method added.

* FCBaseline(s) are now included in the Lyrics and Chords groups in the Class Browser.

Download link: ... ta-version

Best regards,

Jari Williamsson"

Re: Nouveau plug-in : JW Lua (Beta)

Posté : 15 octobre 2015 à 11:41
par michelp
Mise à jour en version Beta 0.40.

JW Lua beta version 0.40 is now available for download.

Changed/fixed in this version:

* The Windows distribution now contains 3 files. All should be placed in the same plug-ins folder.
* All old references (such as Entnum, ENTNUM, EntryRefNumber) to entry IDs in methods/properties have been renamed to "EntryNumber" for consistency.
* All documentation additions found on the user Wiki page has been merged with the online docs.
* All methods and classes should now be documented in the online documentation.
* Fixed numerous syntax/structure issues found in the online documentation.
* Renamed FCMeasureNumberRegions:CalcMeasureNumber() to CalcStringFromNumber().
* FCMeasureNumberRegions:CalcNumberFromString() added
* Lua 5.3.1 is now used.
* ID property added for FCClefDef
* FCMetatoolAssignments(s) class added, with support for clef/tuplet/staff style/repeat/expression/articulation metatools.
* FCStaff.UseFretLetters property renamed to FretLetters
* FCUI:AlertYesNoCancel() method added
* FCNoteEntry:FindNoteID() method added
* FCSmartShapeSegment.NoteID property added
* FCNoteEntryLayer:DeleteAllRestFrames() method added
* __FCNoteEntryCollection:FindEntryNumber() method added
* Fixed nil crashes in FCCurrentStaffSpec:LoadForEntry() and LoadForCell().
* Optimized how JW Lua accesses class information in the UI.
* Class Browser now has searchable filter fields for properties and methods.
* Class Browser now provides info about types, returns and parameters (for methods and properties).
* In Class Browser - "Doc." buttons have been added to properties/methods/class methods, that will display the correct documentation directly (including inherited class support).
* The very first time Class Browser starts, the class information is loaded in a separate thread in the background, so UI remains responsive.
* Text filter settings are now remembered even when Class Browser is closed.
* Class browser now includes a separate "Base Classes" dropdown filter, for classes that aren't used as anything but inherited parent classes.
* Corrected 7 classes that weren't registred at all for the filter popup in the Class Browser.
* When selecting a new filter in the popup, Class Browser now tries to retain the currently selected class.
* Fixed Class Browser templates for FCSectionSyllables, FCChorusSyllables, FCVerseSyllables
* Templates for FCSystemStaff and FCShapeDefInstruction added.
* FCMultiMeasureRestPrefs class now includes ChangeRest() and CopyFromRest() methods.
* A PrefsReset() method has been added to FCTuplet and FCMultimeasureRest classes.
* LLM_ constants has been added for use with FCNoteEntryCell:SetLoadLayerMode().
* Fixed a crash that happened if the script couldn't be found when the File Info dialog box is opened (Explorer tab)
* Esc key now works in the File Info dialog box.
* BottomBarlineOffset/TopBarlineOffset properties added to handle the height of barlines in staves (such as short vs. normal barlines).
* If a item is changed in the [Menu] group on the Manager tab, the user now gets an info message that a Finale reboot is required.
* Fixed a missing control in the Group dialog box (on the Manager tab) on the Mac side.
* FCCell:HasIndependentKeySig() method added
* File names now support Unicode on Finale 2012 and above.
* FCFolderBrowseDialog and FCFileOpenDialog now supports Unicode support on Windows.
* Renamed FCChord.FretboardID to FCChord.FretboardStyleID
* Scripts with Unicode names are now correctly displayed in safety message boxes (such as deleting from the Manager tab).
* FCFretboardStyleDef(s) classes have been added
* The "Repository" tab has been renamed to "Vault"
* FCRawText::GetText() method added
* FCStaffStyleDef(s) classes have been added. Please note that region transpositions are specialized staff styles.
* FCChorusSyllable(s), FCSectionSyllable(s), FCVerseSyllable(s) now have online documentation
* When running on FinWin2012 and later, the buttons for arrows now use Unicode glyphs like in the Mac version.
* Renamed FCArticulations:ContainsID() to ContainsDefID()
* FCString:TruncateEnd() method added
* Redesigned the template builder in the Class Browser from scratch so it's easier to add new templates.
* FCBaselines methods added to add new baselines: AssureSavedLyricNumberForPiece(), AssureSavedStaffForPiece(), AssureSavedLyricNumber(), AssureSavedStaff()
* Improved documentation for FCBaseline(s) classes
* Changed some parameter orders in FCBaseline(s) methods, so they always appear in mode-systemno-staffid-lyricno order.
* FCSmartShapePrefs is now fully implemented.
* Tests for FCSmartShapePrefs added to the test suite.
* Added these properties to FCTupletPrefs: NumberOffsetUpstem, NumberOffsetDownstem, BracketThickness, MaxSlope
* Fixed a bug where FCMiscDocPrefs::GetGraceNotePlaybackDuration() always returned 1.
* Fixed a number of bugs related to test cases.
* Test cases for JW Lua are now on GitHub:
* Added FCCell:AssureSavedIndependentTimeSig() and FCCell::AssureSavedIndependentKeySig() to support independent time/key sigs in selected cells (if the staff attribute has been set).
* Renamed property in FCStaff/FCStaffStyleDef: FirstClef is now DefaultClef
* Added these properties to FCStaff/FCStaffStyleDef: IndependentFont, NoteShapes, ShowNoteColors, AllowOptimization
* FCStemConnectionTable class added

Download link (both Windows and Mac): ... ta-version

Best regards,

Jari Williamsson

Re: Nouveau plug-in : JW Lua (Beta)

Posté : 17 octobre 2015 à 16:49
par michelp
Mise à jour en version Beta 0.41.

Nettoyage des bugs introduits dans 0.40.

Hello All!

JW Lua beta version 0.41 is now available for downloaded. This update contains fixes to things found in the 0.40 additions/changes:

* Fixed so sample method calls in the Class Browser uses ':'
* Fixed so FCStaffStyleDef.UseAltNotationStyle has Set/Get methods
* Fixed so FCStaff/FCStaffStyleDef: NoKeySigShowAccidentals and FCStaff.RedisplayOtherLayerAccidentals can be set to false.
* Fixed so FCStaffStyleDef.UseShowTies can be set correctly
* Fixed so FCStaffStyleDef.ShowChords can be set correctly
* Fixed so FCStaffStyleDef:GetAltNotationStyle returns correct values
* Renamed FCStaff(StyleDef).NoteColors to ShowNoteColors
* Renamed FCStaff(StyleDef).UseAllowOptimization to UseAllowHiding
* Removed FCStaff(StyleDef).Optimization, since AllowHiding does the same thing.

Download link: ... ta-version

Best regards,

Jari Williamsson

Re: Nouveau plug-in : JW Lua (Beta)

Posté : 17 octobre 2015 à 19:28
par michelp
Mise à jour en version Beta 0.42, seulement pour Windows.
Nettoyage de bugs.

Hello All!

I've released a Windows-only update called beta v0.42 that fixes the multiple files issue in FCFileOpenDialog that Charles described. It's easier for me to make a separate update for this now, since I'm soon going to make some big code changes.

There's currently no way to open Finale files from JW Lua.

Best regards,

Jari Williamsson

Re: Nouveau plug-in : JW Lua (Beta)

Posté : 17 novembre 2015 à 11:05
par michelp
Mise à jour en version Beta 0.43.

Hello All,

Here are the full release notes for beta 0.43:

* FCStaff and FCStaffStyleDef classes are now based on a __FCStaffBase class that handles all shared behaviour.

* These methods are now also available in FCStaffStyleDef: MakeNormalNotation, IsPercussion, IsTablature, IsNormalNotation,
GetTranspose, GetAbbreviatedNameID, GetFullNameID, InstrumentMatchesUUID, HasInstrumentAssigned, CreateFullNameString, CreateAbbreviatedNameString, CreateDisplayFullNameString, CreateTrimmedFullNameString, CreateTrimmedAbbreviatedNameString
SaveFullNameString, SaveAbbreviatedNameString, SaveNewFullNameString, SaveNewAbbreviatedNameString

* Dialog boxes filter added to Class Browser

* FCCustomWindow and FCCustomLuaWindow classes added for dialog support. The dialogs are have some auto-layout features and handles Windows/Mac output differently with device independence. The FCCustomLuaWindow class support Lua callback functions.

* These methods are available to create controls for a dialog: CreateStatic, CreateEdit, CreateButton, CreateCheckbox, CreatOkButton, CreateCancelButton, CreatePopup, CreateHorizontalLine, CreateVerticalLine, CreateSlider, CreateUpDown, CreateTree

* Class ID constants added to __FCBase (FCID_ constants).

* FCLuaIterator class added. It's a class that is highly optimized for Finale data processing in JW Lua, and the recommended approach to handling data. It includes control over iteration direction, partial measure selections, progress bar support, and much more.

* FCMusicRegion:IsMeasurePartial() method added

* FCMusicRegion:IsFullDocumentWidth() renamed to IsFullDocumentSpan()

* Reverted back to Lua 5.2.3

* FCCrossStaff class renamed to FCCrossStaffMod. FCCrossStaves class renamed to FCCrossStaffMods.

* Fixed a bug FCMetaToolAssignment:AssignTextExpressionDef() and AssignShapeExpressionDef(). The issue with FCMetatoolAssignment::SaveAsKeyStroke() is still present, though...

Download link: ... ta-version

Best regards,

Jari Williamsson

Re: Nouveau plug-in : JW Lua (Beta)

Posté : 30 novembre 2015 à 11:34
par michelp
Mise à jour en version Beta 0.44.

"Hello All!

JW Lua beta 0.44 is now available. Fixed/new in this version:

* FCCtrlDataList control available for FCLuaWindow/FCCustomLuaWindow (CreateDataList method). With this control, you can do lists of text data in multiple columns, with an optional checkbox column to the left.

* Added the new 2014.5 document option for double barlines as FCMiscDocPrefs.DoubleBarlineAtKeyChange

* FCMiscDocPrefs.ShowActiveLayerOnly property added

* Connected the properties VerticalHalfSlashBaseline, VerticalWholeSlashBaseline, VerticalBrevisSlashBaseline in FCMusicCharacterPrefs to Lua

* Created list boxes and popups in FCLuaWindow now always have an initially selected item.


* Added FCUI:MenuPositionCommand(), that can execute menu commands that aren't directly supported by FCUI:MenuCommand().

* Improved documentation for FCCtrlTree and FCCtrlListBox

* Fixed the values of the FCStemConnectionTable at element 128

* FCStemConnectionTable now KIND OF supports more items than 128 on Finale 2014, HOWEVER!!! There are some strange things going on above slot 128 when multiple docs are used. I've asked MM about this.

* Fixed a bug where FCCustomWindow dialogs emptied the system resources on Windows and made Windows slower for every run.

* Auto-created controls are now consistent in size between Mac and Win whenever possible. The auto-created widths (and heights) are in the documentation.

* Pressing Close button on Windows at ExecuteModal() will now return close as well (instead of cancel).

* The characters " ' \ are now properly escaped when used in the Plug-in Def dialog.

* Missing ALTSTAFF_BLANKNOTATIONRESTS constant was added for use with alternate notation in staves and staff style defs.

* Removed FCCurrentStaffSpec::LoadForCell() default parameter

* Tools section commands in FCUI:MenuCommand() now works without the Tools menu being present on Windows. On the Mac, this is already works correctly internally in FinMac2014.5 (but not in FinMac2012).

* All tie prefs are now available, including FCTiePrefs.TipWidth

* FCTieContourPrefs and FCTiePlacementPrefs classes added.

* FCMusicSpacingPrefs class added.

* Fixed crash on long font names FCUI:IsFontAvailable() (Windows only)

* KeyTimeExtraSpace, ClefKeyExtraSpace, ClefTimeExtraSpace properties added to FCDistancePrefs

* FCSizePrefs is now fully implemented, including document size values for stems.

* Fixed so FCMetatoolAssignment will work correctly with shape and text expression defs.

* All settings in the Alternate Staff notation dialog box are now supported in_FCStaffBase (these properties start with "Alt").

* Fixed so FCStrings:LoadSymbolFonts() and the Finale default folder locations work correctly again (broken in 0.43).

* Added FCStaffNamePosition.UsePositioning, so staff name positioning can be turned on/off.

* Fixed so FCMeasureNumberRegion::Set/GetMultipleStartMeasure now is using the same value as the Finale UI.

Download link (both Windows and Mac): ... ta-version

Best regards,

Jari Williamsson"

Par ailleurs, dans sa page Wiki, Jari détaille les codes utiles à la confection des boîtes de dialogue personnalisées ICI.

Re: Nouveau plug-in : JW Lua (Beta)

Posté : 11 décembre 2015 à 13:04
par michelp
Mise à jour en version Beta 0.45.

Hello All!

JW Lua, beta version 0.45 is now available for download.

New/fixed in this version:
* Redesigned the "Developer" page to support multiple documents. Now you can edit more than one JW Lua file at the same time.
* Fixed the FCMeasureNumberRegion object type in FCLuaIterator:ForEachObject()
* Added FCLuaIterator::ForEachInteger()
* Fixed bug where FCLuaIterator:ForEach() and ForEachObject() wouldn't work correctly with linked data, such as FCStaff:GetFullNamePosition()

Download link: ... ta-version

Best regards,

Jari Williamsson

Plug-in JW Lua (Beta) 0.46 (Finale 25)

Posté : 18 mars 2017 à 21:28
par michelp
Mise à jour en version Beta 0.46 pour Finale 25 (64 bit) pour PC et pour Mac.

"Please note that this Mac build still uses the "old" source code editor control. The 64-bit Mac version of the Mac control will get an updated code base regarding the editor control, while the 32-bit Mac plug-in will remain as it is.
Download link: ... ta-version"

Best regards,

Jari Williamsson

Re: Plug-in JW Lua (Beta)

Posté : 24 juillet 2017 à 22:26
par michelp
Mise à jour en version Beta 0.47 pour Finale 25 (64 bit) pour PC et pour Mac.
D'autres mises à jour devraient suivre.

Finally, I have a new 64-bit version of JW Lua that should fix the main issues (file/articulation/FCFontInfo/unicode/percussion issues) from the last beta. Getting the editor to work with the 64-bit environment on the Mac was a huge thing to solve.

I plan to make some more JW Lua updates this week.

Best regards,

Jari Williamsson


I will fix the jwlua64.fxt reference in the next update.