Des nouvelles rassurantes concernant Jari Williamsson et ses plug-ins

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Des nouvelles rassurantes concernant Jari Williamsson et ses plug-ins

Message par michelp » 10 mars 2017 à 23:14

Le blog de MakeMusic aborde la question des plug-ins en 64 bit (format nécessaire pour Finale 25) et rassure sur Jari Williamson, le (génial) auteur des plugins JW (JW Change, JW Staff Polyphony, etc...)
Il se porte bien, apparemment, mais son emploi du temps est particulièrement chargé : violoniste à l'opéra de Göteborg, une vie de famille, et même un cursus de mathématiques !
Il semble néanmoins déclarer que la mise à niveau de ses plug-ins en 64 bit fait partie de ses plans. Aucune date n'est précisée, mais il est question d'une ouverture dans son emploi du temps...
Nous serons nombreux à croiser les doigts.

Extrait du blog :

What Really Happened to Jari Williamsson?

For the last year or so, Jari has not commented on whether this is something he’s working on. In fact, Jari has not commented at all, about anything. This has led creative minds in the Finale community to imagine several conspiracy theories explaining his “disappearance.” These range from the pleasant (he won the lottery), to the political (he’s been drafted by the Swedish army), to worst-case scenarios (he’s dead).

With the exception of the lottery, I’m glad to report that none of these rumors are true. Today we can confirm that Jari is alive and well. So why the lack of communication?

Well, for one he’s a violinist with the Gothenburg Opera, and they’re having a very busy season. In addition, Jari has a family to whom he’s very devoted. On top of this, Jari is always working to grow and develop, and is currently pursuing a degree in mathematics.

Note: musicians make amazing mathematicians!

His studies have taken a significant amount of his time and thus the free Finale plug-ins that he so diligently developed for the past 10+ years have taken a backseat. Jari is a brilliant fellow and we wish him all the best and great success.

What About My Plug-ins?

We understand that life without these plug-ins has been difficult – even for us. Two critical groups of the Peaksware organization, Alfred Music Publishing and our SmartMusic Repertoire Development, rely on these and other third-party plug-ins to develop content.

So where does this news leave the plug-ins that we all need to complete our projects and meet our deadlines?

As mentioned previously, MakeMusic has helped plug-in developers during this 64-bit migration and we will provide help and support to Jari to lighten the burden. Fortunately for us, there is a brief break in Jari’s schedule that will allow him get to back to the plug-ins and finish the migration. While it would be remiss of us to make promises on his behalf or announce a proposed ship day, we at MakeMusic trust Jari and know what an excellent and efficient developer he is.

That said, they are coming. As plug-ins are updated, Jari assures us he will post them. We will help share that communication as it becomes available.

MAJ : voir ICI.


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